KLEIDER MACHEN FREUNDE auf dem Int. Children’s Film Festival Los Angeles

Kleider machen Freunde wird im Mai auf dem großen
«International Children’s Film Festival» in Los Angeles
zu sehen sein. Ich freue mich sehr über diese großartige Einladung.

Hier der Originaltext:

I am writing to update you on the times and dates of screenings of your
films as part of the program ANIMAL KINGDOM at the 2013 REDCAT
International Children’s Film Festival in Los Angeles. ANIMAL KINGDOM will
screen on May 5th at 12pm and May 18th at 12pm.

Beautiful animation for kids who love critters both large and small. It’s
filled with animated tales about elephants, birds, foxes, hens, cats,
mice, pigs, hedgehogs, dogs and even a very hard-working ant! Ages 4 and
up. Three films have subtitles (Dutch and German), but for the most part,
dialogue is not needed to understand the stories. In a few films, animals
find themselves in threatening situations, but there are always happy

Featuring: Ginjas (Zepe and Humberto Santana, Portugal); Papa’s Boy (Leevi
Lemmetty, UK/Poland/Finland); Now You Know It Anyway (Bastiaan
Schravendeel, The Netherlands); Miriam’s Food Processor (Andres Tenusaar,
Estonia); Cat Immersion Project (starring Maga Barzallo Sockemtickem,
USA); Umba-Umba (Konstantin Brilliantov, Russia); Boxie and Bully: How
They Knitted A Scarf For Winter (Lenka Čeperová and Lenka Zemanová,
Czech Republic); Dress to Impress (Falk Schuster, Germany); Chinti
(Natalia Mirzoyan, Russia); The Night of the Elephant (Sandra Schiessl,